Hoppy South Carolina-Style Mustard BBQ Sauce

Recipe by Carolyn Malcoun
In South Carolina, mustard-based barbecue sauce reigns supreme; ours gets a sophisticated twist with whole-grain mustard and an IPA splash.

Mojito Glaze

Recipe by Carolyn Malcoun
Brush this Southwestern glaze over chicken, fish, seafood or pork.

Spicy Coffee Porter Mop

Recipe by Carolyn Malcoun
Use this mop sauce to moisten Texas-style brisket—then swipe it over everything else on your grill.

Smoky Wet Rub

Recipe by Carolyn Malcoun
Rauchbier and smoked paprika team up to inject this rub with delicious smoky swirls.

Summer Chowder with Corn, Shrimp & Lager

Recipe by Laraine Perri
We ix-nay potatoes and fill this summery soup with lighter but flavor-packed morsels: sweet corn, briny shrimp, bacon and bright, golden lager.

Pilsner-Battered Asparagus with Lemon-Chive Aioli

Recipe by Laraine Perri
Asparagus as the new potato? Try our new "frites" and never look back.

Grilled New York Strips with Dubbel Butter

Recipe by Brian Adornetto
Melt a beery compound butter over just-grilled steaks, and freeze the rest for baked potatoes, sautéed veggies and baguettes.

Grilled Tomatoes with Hefeweizen Aioli

Recipe by Brian Adornetto
This versatile aioli is amazing on asparagus, green beans, chicken, fried fish and sandwiches; a splash of OJ, and you've got salad dressing.

Grilled Amber-Marinated Potatoes

Recipe by Brian Adornetto
A sprinkle of bacon is just the beginning: These spuds glean their flavor from a beer bath that works equally well as a chicken marinade.

Roasted Apple Pie Ice Cream

Recipe by Carolyn Malcoun
A cider syrup and real apples give this ice cream a double dose of apple flavor.

Blueberry-Basil Mead Pops

Recipe by Carolyn Malcoun
Even frozen, your favorite mead's flavor shines in these fruity, herbed-up ice pops.

Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Recipe by Carolyn Malcoun
A Belgian-style kriek drives the flavor here, so seek out Lindemans or a similarly sweet cherry lambic and take advantage of its intense cherry essence.

Salted Brown Ale-Caramel Pecan Ice Cream

Recipe by Carolyn Malcoun
The brown ale reduction adds an almost savory, umami quality to this ice cream.

Creamsicle Pie

Recipe by Carolyn Malcoun
A Berliner weisse’s citrusy sourness shines its light on this creamy orange pie.

S’mores Ice Cream Pie

Recipe by Carolyn Malcoun
The chocolate and bitter notes of stout become a rich base for the chocolate sauce that tops this s’mores-inspired ice cream pie.

Beer-Braised Carnitas

Recipe by Laraine Perri
A long bath in beer makes our carnitas con buen sabor!

Honey & Hefeweizen Rolls

Recipe by Jackie Dodd
Hefes are a bakers’ dream come true, and these fluffy dinner rolls prove it.

Twisted X Tex Mex Beer Chili

Recipe by Shane Bordeau / Twisted X
The only chili you should ever make is this brewery-born chili-beer chili.

Filet mignon with Stroganoff mushrooms

Recipe by Laraine Perri
Our modern take on classic Stroganoff features individual filet mignons and a dubbel spike.

The Best Deviled Eggs

Recipe by Michael Estrin
A few simple twists elevate the deviled egg from ’70s party staple to classic app.