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A Belgian wit adds citrus notes to underscore the squeeze of lime that finishes this dreamy, creamy curry.

Espresso and chocolaty beer takes our whoopie to a whole new level.

A bottle of brown ale lends our beer-cheese soup a nice nuttiness; pimientos and hot sauce give it a kick.

A dark, rich doppelbock and umami-loaded 'shrooms make these meatballs meal-worthy.

Nothing against wings, but chicken thighs give you more bang for your buck. Rauchbier ups the smoke factor in our sweet sauce.

Heavenly bread pudding topped with sweet beer cream.

Smoky beer and bacon give basic brownies a savory edge.

The only way to improve stout chocolate cheesecake? Make it oven-free.

Tart, green Granny Smiths steeped in beer hold their own in this gorgeous tart that’s simpler than it looks.

A caramely brown ale in these spiced-up bars will make you forget all about pie.

A zippy hefe gives this pound cake some oomph; the beer teams with orange for a curd you’ll want to spoon on everything.

Elevated with a splash of abbey ale, these French cheese puffs are savory and rich, but cloudlike, too.

Moroccan spice and black lager put a flavorful spin on traditional beef stew.

Nutty brown ale deepens this beef chili that’s hearty enough for a tailgate and easy enough for a weeknight dinner.

Pile this spicy beer-braised chicken on crusty rolls with coleslaw, or tuck it into soft tacos.

Apple — in both fresh and cider form — gives this farmhouse stew a taste of the orchard.

Practically effortless but seriously tasty, this pork roast should be your go-to dinner for after-work company.

Bathe Granny Smith rings in beer batter, fry and dust: Dessert is served.

In South Carolina, mustard-based barbecue sauce reigns supreme; ours gets a sophisticated twist with whole-grain mustard and an IPA splash.

Brush this Southwestern glaze over chicken, fish, seafood or pork.

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